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the Christian Themes of CS Lewis’s Prince Caspian of the Chronicles of Narnia

I have been getting requests for this information as well as requests for a bulletin insert, which I am working on. I am also available to speak to churches, young and old, about the Chronicles of Narnia. Learn more. Click Here for my review of the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe movie. Click here for information about a bulletin insert on Prince Caspian.

Philip Pullman (author of the Golden Compass) is on record expressing his distaste for the Chronicles of Narnia but I strongly suspect that he didn’t understand what CS Lewis was doing in his series. It is a little hard to blame him. The more people learn about CS Lewis’s writings the more they see that they are deeper and much more profound than they suspected. This is well illustrated in the case of the Narnia series, and Prince Caspian is a case in point.

Accept this outline as a guide to studying more on your own. I am using the 1994 HarperTrophy edition.

Caspian on…


  • Christian teaching about the nature of time. (pg 21, 31)
  • Order of Creation (pg 69-70)
  • Understanding following the Obedience of Faith (pg 125 and following)

Commentary on Modern Skepticism

  • Old Narnia is for babies, ie, adults grow out of childish religions (pg 39, 80-81)
  • Utilitarian belief systems, ie, believing something because it serves a purpose rather than being true (pg 77)
  • Is God good? Maybe God is bad and Satan is good! (And you though Pullman made that up on his own) (pg 77, 167-169)

Apologetics and Myth

  • Myth feeds us, all the more when it is true (pg 41-44, 52-54)
  • Bacchus and Silenus on the Romp. (pg 157, 197, 211)


  • “Aslan’s How” – Romans 6? (pg 91)
  • The horn (pg 95)
  • The Journey of Obedience (ie, faith seeking understanding) (pg 125, etc)
  • The Door… the Cross? (pg 219)

Lewis’s works are so complex that there certainly could be other themes, allusions, etc, worthy of note. The above is enough to make for a very good start at understanding the Christian themes which Lewis has deliberately put into the book. There are other themes which permeate the entire series (ie, Aslan representing Christ) which I have not mentioned because I aimed to just list things out of Prince Caspian.

In later posts I will expound on some of these things, or if someone contacts me I can explain further by email.


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