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The Coming Nationalization of America: Without a Wimper

On the Drudge today they had an article discussing how the Ayers-Alinksy administration is not using the word ‘nationalization.’   In that article, the following statement regarding the continued nationalization (ie, the auto industry) is made:

It all sounds perilously close to a word that no one in Obama’s camp wants to be caught uttering: nationalization.

Not since Harry Truman seized America’s steel mills in 1952 rather than allow a strike to imperil the conduct of the Korean War has Washington toyed with nationalization, or its functional equivalent, on this kind of scale. Obama may be thinking what Truman told his staff: “The president has the power to keep the country from going to hell.” (The Supreme Court thought differently and forced Truman to relinquish control.)

The fact that there is so little protest in the air now — certainly less than Truman heard — reflects the desperation of the moment. But it is a strategy fraught with risks.

Does that lack of protest reflect the desperation of the moment?  Or a change in the American public?  I will grant that for some it is desperation but in general I believe it is the latter.   Conservatives and others who call for limited government, the rule of law with the Constitution as the basis, and checks and balances are protesting like mad right now.

For example, they can’t believe that Secretary of States everywhere didn’t do their duty to ensure that every candidate on the presidential ticket was constitutionally eligible.   It’s starting to look like every official everywhere- elected or appointed- doesn’t care a lick about rule of law.  (If by this eligibility you think I am referring to Obama, you’re only partly right.  The fact is that Roger Calero appeared on numerous ballots and he is undeniably born in Venezuela.  That is prima facie evidence that the Secretary of States in those places did not do their jobs).   In Truman’s day one could count on the Supreme Court to follow the law… today it’s a crap shoot every time.

There certainly is desperation in Michigan right now, and those places that depend on the auto industry.  But Michigan has been liberal Democratic and heavy union for decades upon decades.  No trip to Michigan is complete until you’ve heard a dozen Michiganders go off on George Bush, but for someone reason it never crosses their minds to hold the people accountable who are actually in a position to do something, ie., their own governor, mayor of Detroit, and state reps, etc.  It smacks of the mindset in Louisiana after Katrina.  Despite being under Democrat ‘rule’ both at the state level and in New Orleans proper for some fifty years, it was George Bush’s fault.  In Louisiana it appears that some are beginning to see the light- not so in Michigan.

What is really driving conservatives crazy here is that the largest spate of nationalization in decades is taking under George Bush himself.  Before Ayers even gets into office, Bush will have allowed measures that would previously have been thought to be unthinkable out of a Republican.  And conservatives did protest this- they wanted a conservative presidential candidate that represented their values but the presidential field utterly lacked this.   Liberals think that conservatives are protesting Obama’s natural born status because of some love for McCain, and that’s not accurate.  Conservatives merely calculated that McCain is proportionally less radical and liberal than Obama.  But deep down we knew that McCain was at least as ‘moderate’ as George Bush.

Just to clarify- in Bush and McCain there is huge respect for their national security credentials and whatever else is felt about President Bush, there will always be profound thanks for his efforts to keep this country safe- illegal immigration and bailouts aside.  But conservatives were never happy about his ‘moderate’ nature.

So, anyway, today I found myself thinking I need to set aside my ‘protests.’  Not for the ‘good of the country’ or ‘unity’ or anything ridiculous like that, but for the reason many other conservatives are.  Many of us have come to terms with the notion that people just have to get what they ask for sometimes since they lack the capacity to see how one thing leads to another without actually experiencing it, first.  Conservatism will rise again- out of the ashes of desperation resulting from the inevitable consequences of enacting socialistic policies on a wide scale.

In the meantime, hold onto your hat.  If Bush is taking us so far down Nationalism Road, you can be sure that Ayers-Alinksy is going to take it much, much further.  After all, ‘there is so little protest.’

I see that the governor of Illinois was arrested today- par for the course for Illinois politicians.  Who knows what the future holds for us with the same crew moving into the Oval Office.


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