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The Trump Acquittal And the Democrats

With Trump’s acquittal finally in the bag, I want to issue some quick thoughts which I believe are more important than their brevity suggests.

A republican or constitutional/libertarian like myself might say that what we’ve witnessed is the Constitution ‘working.’   The Senate blocked a spurious attack by the House.  An independent might also say that what we’ve witnessed shows the Constitution ‘working.’  The House was moved to hold the president accountable for actions it deemed worthy of removing the president from office.  But, alas, in neither view, you won’t see democrats concurring.

To the democrats, this was not the Constitution ‘working.’  This was the Constitution standing in the way of ‘what needs to happen.’

In that sense, this incident is just a microcosm of the entire divide between ‘democrats’ and ‘republicans.’  That is to say, from its inception, the Democrat Party has viewed the Constitution as a hindrance to its goals and aims.   It has sought to justify whatever it does based on the assertion that they have the ‘majority’ at their back, even when that is a baldfaced lie.

I have put the words ‘republican’ and ‘constitutionalist’ and ‘democrat’ in lower case to be more general in the terms, and capitalized the D in Democrat to be more precise.   And in that precision, we must recognize that there are serious problems with a large number of both democrats and Democrats–namely, that they are not, in fact, interested in democracy.

If an election does not go their way, they’ll appeal to opinion polls.  If opinion polls don’t go their way, they’ll resort to the judicial system, happy enough to overturn the will of tens and tens of millions of people by getting just 5 people to agree with them.  They’re happy to manipulate bureaucracies and committees.

And if they are faced with failure on all counts?

God help us.

I trust that many of my readers recognize that now, if they haven’t before.  Even moderates who don’t pay much attention recognize that they really have gone off the deep end.  The misjudgement is this: the belief that they were never off the deep end in the first place.  In truth, the Democrat Party has always been the reservoir of those interested first and foremost in Greed, Lust, and Power.  To achieve these, they are happy to veer in any direction and all directions at once.  Examples are legion, if one traces their entire history.

democratsUnfortunately, those who did care about democracy were fooled, time and again.  There have been flickers of honesty and genuine concern about justifiable topics, and on very rare occasion, the Democrat Party latched onto those topics.  But these were brief moments, which even then served only as a vehicle to get what they really wanted.

Lesson of lessons:  Never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever…. ever, vote for a Democrat.   The Democrat Party has no soul.  It will do anything, be anything, say anything, commit anything, and chew you up and spit you out without batting an eye.

I understand that these words may seem over the top to some moderates.  I point only to the last couple of years as corroboration.  It doesn’t prove it all, certainly, but hopefully you’ve seen enough with your own eyes to begin finding out more.  Bear in mind, I used to be a democrat and Democrat myself.  It was a bitter journey discovering the truth, and it didn’t happen overnight by any means.  It was a long journey, in fact.  But the truth matters.  Aren’t you interested in understanding how we came to the point that we are at?

It is critical that you figure it out.  It is only a matter of time where we begin seeing ‘think’ pieces, if not a more general movement on the left, suggesting that once again, the Constitution has been revealed to be the problem.

Take the comments these people make seriously.  They actually believe it.

Did they Constitution ‘work’?   Yes, it did.  But it is one thing to have the words on the paper, and another to abide by them.

These people believe they are above the Constitution.  Verily, they believe they are above all.

Certainly above you.

Well, and what should one do about this?  Besides never voting for a Democrat?  Tough problem.  The Republican Party is certainly not free of people who care most about Greed, Lust, and Power.   In particular instances, I can see how the reasonable democrat who has realized now what the Democrats are, see no viable alternatives.  Options:  vote libertarian; vote constitutionalist, don’t vote at all.  BUT NEVER VOTE FOR A DEMOCRAT.

While it is a very frail ‘check’ on their behavior, it remains the case that the Democrats are very pragmatic.  While they are perfectly happy to entertain any method (ANY!), they are loathe to do things that would preclude their ability to retain power.  Know this:  if they thought they could get away with marching into the White House and forcibly remove the president, without any (ANY!) recourse to the political system, they absolutely would do it.  Therefore, while it is not by any means the final answer, depriving the Democrats from any (ANY!) official positions of power, will alert their pragmatic selves to the dangers of getting too crazy.

Don’t take my word for it.  Take their word for it.

Read what they say next very, very carefully.

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    • Ajit on February 5, 2020 at 5:38 pm

    What do you make of people like Jimmy Carter for example and many other Christians like Him ?

    • Anthony on February 5, 2020 at 5:59 pm

    It is a good and hard question. I’m not sure it can be answered briefly and certainly not completely.

    As I mention, I also was a Democrat. I was even quite liberal up to about the age 25. If I use myself as a means to answering that, I could say things like… I meant well; I didn’t know better; I sincerely thought that the Party was sincere. Also, in theory I think there is something to be said about the difference between local politics and national politics, although this might be fuzzier than it used to be. I’ll never forget, for example, being in a room full of liberals expressing near uniform opposition to gay marriage. (Approx 2001).

    Maybe I would say this: I am referring primarily to the Party as an entity. I am as happy to allow that there are many decent people who align with the Democrat Party as there are scoundrels who align with the Republicans. But as distinct parties, they have their own characteristics, and they are DIFFERENT.

    It took me a long time before being willing to vote Republican, and it was only recently that I signed up for the local GOP party. But it was reluctantly, because my chief concern was the Constitution, and its seemed like even they won’t go to bat for it when it counts.

    While I’m not prepared to condemn Christians who are in the Democrat Party, I am prepared to say that if they care about truth and biblical values, they will get OUT, ASAP.

    That doesn’t mean they become Republicans. It might even mean they abandon politics completely. But I don’t know how a well-informed Christian earnestly desiring to live a Christian life could remain within the Democrat Party. Maybe there is a way to do it, but I don’t know how.

    Let’s just take one issue, abortion. For years, there are pro-life individuals who thought that they could be at home in the Democrat Party. But they’ve been led on all these years. There are still pro-life individuals within the Democrat Party, but I think it has become very clear even to them that the Democrat Party does not want THEM. Can you be a Christian and not be pro-life?

    Maybe. But it seems to me that on this issue, like many others, the grounds upon which a reasonable, earnest Christian could stand on to justify their remaining a Democrat is getting smaller and smaller.

    • Anthony on February 5, 2020 at 6:08 pm

    I don’t know if you’ve seen this, but it strikes me as a perfect example of the kind of democrats I’ve run into over the years who have managed to remain ignorant about what is actually going on in the Democrat Party.


    • Ajit on February 5, 2020 at 6:49 pm

    Thanks for the perspective, especially given that you were once a liberal democrat ! Interesting that the woman in Iowa didn’t know – she didn’t come across as a ‘clueless person’ so makes one wonder how come she didn’t know ?

    • Timaahy on February 6, 2020 at 12:19 am

    “The Senate blocked a spurious attack by the House.”

    Yeah nah.

    • Anthony on February 6, 2020 at 1:27 am

    Well, you think someone with a penis can justifiably and appropriately call himself a woman, so…

    • End Bringer on February 6, 2020 at 11:20 pm

    “What do you make of people like Jimmy Carter for example and many other Christians like Him?”

    That they need to study the Bible more.

    • Timaahy on February 10, 2020 at 7:32 pm

    Well, you think a talking snake tricked a woman made of rib to convince a man made of mud to eat some magic fruit, so…


    • Anthony on February 10, 2020 at 11:50 pm

    Even so, that event in question was in the distant past, whereas all you have to do to learn about genitalia is feel inside your own pants. At least, that would give you half the picture.

    If you can’t get genitalia right, you’re not going to get anything right. Not even ‘talking snakes’ and ‘magic fruit.’

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