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Three Upcoming Book Reviews and one Released

I have three books sent to me due for reading and reviewing.  It is going to be a week or possibly longer to get to one or all of them so I wanted to throw up a little blurb to each in the meantime.

[If you want your book reviewed on sntjohnny.com use the contact form elsewhere on this page and submit your request.]

If you are aware of Dan Barker’s ‘Easter Challenge’ you will enjoy this concerted effort to answer it.  Pastor Stephen Kingsley’s The Easter Answer:  What happened during the forty days between Easter and the Ascension is available at http://www.easteranswer.com/

Also on the agenda, Phillip Ross’s Arsy Varsy:  Reclaiming the Gospel in First Corinthians.  The book is dedicated to President Obama.  Should be interesting.  🙂  Get it and learn more here.

I am about half way through Elizabeth Bettina’s It Happened in Italy or “Untold Stories of How the People of Italy Defied the Horrors of the Holocaust.”  I believe they are quite right to label them as ‘untold stories.’  As much as I’ve read about the time period, I had never heard that Jews in Italy fared better than other places in Europe.   You can Buy it on Amazon. It will be officially available on April 24th.

The book has a trailer which can be viewed on Youtube.

Finally, Athanatos Publishing Group (an extension of the ministry of this site) released yesterday a book also related to the Holocaust:  Hitler, the Holocaust, and the Bible: A Scriptural Analysis of Anti-Semitism, National Socialism, and the Churches. My review of this book is available here.

If you want the truth about Hitler and Christianity this book is a great addition to your library.  Consider it especially useful if you are a pastor or Christian apologist.


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