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Tiller’s Death and the Internet and Right Wing Extremists

Before Tiller was shot dead in his ELCA church, the last time an abortionist was shot was more than 10 years ago.  [Source] Since Roe vs Wade was passed 8 total (including Tiller) have been killed and 17 ‘targetted’ (whatever that means).  [Source].

It is not hard to find insinuations and outright accusations that these killings represent a ‘fascist’ right wing extremist movement.  Today, the self-described last in the world late-term abortionist, Dr. Warren Hern, said:  “The anti-abortion movement message is, ‘Do what we tell you to do or we will kill you,’ and they do. This is a fascist movement.”

The statistics, however, do not bear this out, do they?  In thirty-five years, just 8 abortionists have been killed.  Between 1980 and 1989, 304 gas station attendants were killed.  115 liquor store workers were killed.  806 grocery store workers were killed.  56 Jewelry store workers were killed.  You get the idea:  It is more dangerous to work at a gast station, liquor store, grocery store, or jewelry store (or drive a taxi, etc) than it is to be an abortion ‘doctor.’

Since Roe vs. Wade, thousands have been killed by Islamic terrorists.  Just a couple of months ago a man beheaded his wife- right here in America.

Since Roe vs. Wade, hundreds of thousands have died in automobile accidents.

Yet, when 8 people are killed over the course of 35 years, that is a sign to some that the pro-life movement is out of control.  If this were a sane world, this low figure would prove the opposite- that a group of people who believe that the unborn are no less persons than the Jews who were exterminated by the millions by Hitler (another group deemed ‘non-persons’ by social convention) nonetheless has done a bang up job working legally. 

Compared to real extremists, pro-lifers are not extreme at all.

I wondered to myself about the unique dynamic on display in this latest killing.  The Internet is afire with commentators on all sides.  The Internet was certainly around in 1998 but I don’t recall the kind of discussions I’m seeing right now.   Arguments like the one above that urges people to be rational and have a sense of proportion can be lodged in real time whereas a decade or more ago if the news media presented something that basically became reality.

And such arguments are necessary when there are those prepared to brand an entire group as ‘extremists’ and call down the Justice Department and the Dept. of Homeland Security upon them as NOW has done.  Necessary, yes, but will they be effective?  DHS has already come out and labeled people ‘right wing extremists’ if they are pro-life, are against illegal immigration, and the like.   8 people murdered in 35 years and in the minds of some this is proof positive for the need for a crackdown.

Actually, it is proof positive that a large segment of America’s population is clean out of their mind.  Oh, and they’re in charge.  That’s awesome.

For reference sake, here is what NOW (National Organization for Women) said:

Bringing the killers to justice is not enough – the Justice Department and the Department of Homeland Security must root out and prosecute as domestic terrorists and violent racketeers the criminal enterprise that has organized and funded criminal acts for decades. We call on the new attorney general Eric Holder and head of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano to treat these murders in the same way they would treat politically-motivated domestic terrorism of any other kind and put the full resources of their two departments behind that effort.

I mean, wow.



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    • Doug Indeap on June 1, 2009 at 11:27 pm

    What drivel! Tell me that you recognize the difference between the circumstance where someone, i.e., an abortion provider, is killed by someone intending to kill him BECAUSE he is DEMONIZED as a baby killer and the circumstance where someone, e.g., a gas station attendant, is killed by someone intending to steal money and who could care less who the attendant is. One is terrorism and/or a hate crime; the other is ordinary, garden-variety crime. Really easy to see the difference–unless you shut your eyes and try real hard not to.

    • Anthony on June 1, 2009 at 11:35 pm

    Well hello there, Doug. Long time no see! It feels like almost as long ago as an abortionist was murdered. Time flies when the comment section reflects sanity. 😉

    You’re really barking up the wrong tree, here. There certainly are differences between a man targeted for an ideology as opposed to for money. I don’t know if the differences are as severe as you make them out to be. Don’t you care about the gas station attendants? Oh, I see. They were only murdered for money so you’re not going to get yourself worked up about them. *rolls eyes*

    The point of the blog entry is that proportion and perspective are required. That this is needed is evident from the quotation from NOW that calls on DHS to essentially treat pro-lifers as domestic terrorists. This sort of response is completely disproportionate and I am afraid to say, having read numerous comments on various blogs today, very common from folks like you.

    Apparently, the mere fact that one believes that abortion is murder is ‘inciting a hate crime’ such that all pro-lifers are responsible for anyone who follows that view to its ‘logical end.’ Of course, one wouldn’t be a pro-lifer at all if they didn’t think abortion was murder. It sort of goes with the definition.

    Tell me that you recognize the difference between the circumstance where someone, ie, a lone individual, kills someone, and the mass generalization that every member of the entire movement is culpable for the man’s actions?

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