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Anthony is a member of the Lutherans for Life speakers bureau and as such is willing to speak on a variety of life issues.  He also speaks on apologetics related issues and is willing to with your church or organization about any number of topics.


Anthony is the executive director of Athanatos Christian Ministries, formed to minister both to Christians and nonChristians.

He has a bachelors degree in Pastoral Ministry from Concordia University, Wisconsin, with a minor in Biblical Languages. Early in his freshmen year he dealt with some extreme attacks on his faith. In overcoming them, he developed a passion for Christian apologetics and teaching.

Professional Career:

Anthony taught religion at the 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, and 12th grade levels. He also has two years experience teaching at the college level at a small Bible college in Rockford, Illinois. At the college he taught Greek, Apologetics, Christian Philosophy (C.S. Lewis, etc), and Internet Ministry. After this, he spent about three years as a Director for Parish Ministries at a Lutheran church in Wisconsin. That position was more or less a glorified ‘Director for Christian Education’ position.  He has been active in apologetics for fifteen years.

Further Education:

He attended and completed the International Academy of Apologetics, Evangelism, and Human Rights in Strasbourg, France, under John Warrick Montgomery and Dr. Gary Habermas.

He has his MA and PhD in ‘Philosophy and Apologetics.’


Anthony is married and the father of three boys and a girl.

He is the author of Fidelis, and Spero, the first two books in the Birth Pangs series. Learn more at the web page: www.birthpangs.com.

Anthony has been featured on a number of sites and interviewed on various local and national radio programs. He has had columns published on the ChristianPost.com and Worldnetdaily.com.  Click here to see a list of his interactions with the media.


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