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Anthony Horvath added to Lutherans for Life Speaker’s Bureau

I am pleased- and honored- to have been added to the speakers bureau for Lutherans for Life. This nationally known organization is the Lutheran response to abortion on demand and other life issues in the United States and the world. I invite you to check out the portion of my autobiography they posted: http://www.lutheransforlife.org/Who_Are_We/Speakers_Bureau_Anthony_Horvath.htmcontinue reading...

Christian Education Warmed Over Secular Education?

Two things conspired to produce this post. First, I’ve been having a discussion with an atheist on one of my blog entries. As it so often tends to happen, the conversation appears to be reducing to flawed understandings of Christianity in general and definitions of God, etc. Second, a friend posted an essay by one of my favorite authors, Dorothy Sayers, called the “Lost Tools of Learning.” Quoting:

Have you ever followed a discussion in the newspapers or elsewhere and noticed how frequently writers fail to define the terms they use? Or how often, if one man does … continue reading...