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Category: Politico-Hezbollah

The Unforgiveable Sins of Obama and the MSM: Syria, Iran, and 60,000 (Disproportionately Black) Americans

Have you heard the news?  Of course you have.  How couldn’t you?  It’s been on every news channel without break.  Every newspaper has it on the front page, above the fold.  Teams of investigative reporters have been dispatched.  The Twit-osphere is on fire!  Even Republicans are talking impeachment.  The latest poll shows the American public overwhelmingly supporting impeachment; Democrats at 80%, but Republicans not very far behind at 65%.  That latter number is expected to climb as the investigation unfolds.

Yes, that’s right.  Donald Trump, in his bid to forge a legacy that could not be undermined by history, has … continue reading...

Thou Shalt Not Be Easily Manipulated

I suppose it wouldn’t take a particularly astute observer to notice that most of my posts for the last 6 months or so have been more orientated towards dissuading people from participating in the ‘national outrage’ rather than addressing whatever it is we’re ‘outraged’ about.  The reason for this is twofold: 1., my research has shown ample reason to believe that there are people who deliberately wish to create and direct mobs and 2., I consider a mobocracy to be one of the most dangerous threats to freedom that history has ever seen.

Thus, I try to avoid ‘national conversations’ … continue reading...