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Tag: 1st Amendment

Do atheists own public land?

Kevin Hundt of La Crosse, WI seems to think so:

Atheists do not have “more” say than religious people, we just don’t want government (public-owned) resources to be used to promote religion. Religious people already have tax-free churches; if you want statues and monuments, you can put them there. No one is demanding anyone “hide” their religious belongings – when you all put up those 10 commandments signs in your yards, did anyone complain? No, that’s your property. Put up whatever you want there. But government property is my property, so keep your backward magic superstition off my lawn.  … continue reading...

Village of Holmen Dodges Church and State Conflict, Sells Land to Lions Club, Shuns Atheist Groups

Tonight at their council meeting the trustees of the village of Holmen voted unanimously to approve the sale of a tiny piece of property with a star on it- which can be lighted as a cross during Easter- for $600.   The property had been appraised at $100.00.  Six times the appraisal value might seem a little odd… but the Freedom from Religion Foundation and the American Humanist Association had bid somewhere in the realm of $1,200 for the property, vowing to remove the cross for sure, and in the case of the FFRF, the star as well (we can suppose … continue reading...

Liberals Make Me Want to Cry: Now they care about the wording of the Consitution!

One of my contentions in regards to the Constitution’s views on the so-called separation of Church and State is that the language of the Constitution simply does not support the steps we’ve seen by groups like Dan Barker’s Freedom From Religion Foundation. Here is the language:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;

I have italicized a very important first word. Congress, of course, represents the Federal law-making body. Presumably, individual states could make such laws, or even school boards! By strange judicial voodoo, the 14th Amendment is used to ‘incorporate’ … continue reading...