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New Archeological Find Proves Christianity is a Fraud. Again.

You hear about these kinds of things every now and then.  I’m blogging on an article I saw today on a tablet they are calling “Gabriel’s Revelation.”  Here it is.

This is the first that I’ve heard of this tablet and haven’t seen the text allegedly inscribed on it.  I only have what is in the article, so I’m going tread lightly on the stone’s implications as evidence for or against Christianity.  What I found really interesting was the glimpse into the scholarly community and its approach to research into the Historical Jesus.  Let me just issue some running commentary.… continue reading...

Archeological Corroboration for the Old Testament found… Again. Atheists still don’t care.

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According to the article, this stone seal to the right has underneath it the Hebrew name “Temech” which is a name that is also found in the Old Testament book of Nehemiah chapter 7:55, which is a chapter containing a great number of names of other exiles returning from Babylon.  This does not merely corroborate the existence of the name but also offers some specification.  In Nehemiah, Temech’s children are listed as being temple servants.  The stone seal”was discovered just dozens of meters away from the Opel area, where the servants of the Temple, or “Nethinim,” lived continue reading...