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doctorkc@ukmall.net – Hacker? Spammer? Malware Distributor? BEWARE HIS SITES! They are infected!


‘Doctorkc’ has evidently been spamming a large number of people, complaining about this post, and even urging that I be prosecuted as a criminal.  He evidently believed that I had this post password protected because of pressure by authorities, but that is not true.  I password protected it because the man appears to me to be unstable, and the sort that could seek to do me bodily harm.  I left the post because I had a real experience:  I visited his sites and my computer was instantly compromised.  See my description below.  Since he has been telling his side … continue reading...

Should Christian Non-profits Consider Giving up their Tax Exempt 501(c)3 Status?

The keyword in the title is consider.

I don’t want anyone thinking that I believe in every case it would be desirable or necessary.  I do think, however, that accepting the status quo without persistent reflection is dangerous in general.  Just because it has ‘always’ been this way doesn’t mean it should continue to be that way.  After all, the whole notion of the 501(c)3 didn’t come until the 1950’s.  There were many centuries prior to that when things were not ‘always done this way.’

For the record, the ministry of this website, Athanatos Christian Ministries, is a … continue reading...