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Is hyper-specialization killing the US Economy and ruining lives?

I studied to be a pastor in college.  That is, I majored in pastoral ministry and minored in biblical languages.  But it was basically a liberal arts degree.  It was basically an expansion of the ‘liberal arts’ education I received in high school, which I suppose was similar to most people’s.  You learn a smattering of a whole bunch of stuff and the idea is that this prepares you to do just about anything you want down the road.  Such an education is supposed to give you a well rounded experience to serve as a foundation for your eventual career … continue reading...


Anthony is a member of the Lutherans for Life speakers bureau and as such is willing to speak on a variety of life issues.  He also speaks on apologetics related issues and is willing to with your church or organization about any number of topics.


Anthony is the executive director of Athanatos Christian Ministries, formed to minister both to Christians and nonChristians.

He has a bachelors degree in Pastoral Ministry from Concordia University, Wisconsin, with a minor in Biblical Languages. Early in his freshmen year he dealt with some extreme attacks on his faith. In overcoming them, … continue reading...