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Tag: biblical love

The Sorry State of the American Church

What I am pasting below is an essay from long ago that I posted elsewhere.  It’s old, but I wanted it on this blog for reference sake.

I have been asked to write this note. I cannot write as long of a note as is required. My thinking here is years in the making. I am beginning with a ‘clean slate’ here, not reacting to previous notes, and picking the starting point without any other baggage.

Put simply, I contend that the missing ingredient in the American Church today is any robust understanding and consequently a lack of application, of … continue reading...

In search of a systematic theology of love

Regular readers of this blog are aware that my fiction series, Birth Pangs, have their first three books patterned after 1 Cor 13:13, “these three remain:  faith, hope and love.”  The first was Fidelis (Latin for faithfulness).  The second was Spero (Latin for hope).  The third, which I will soon sit down to begin writing, is Caritas (Latin for love).

I am therefore in a deliberate search for materials that speak specifically to a Christian understanding of love.  This search has been ongoing for more than a decade and I must confess I have to this point been disappointed.… continue reading...