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Tag: Cass Sunstein

Short Stories on Kindle – health care, cloning, world domination

A short collection of some of my favorite short stories that I have written is now available in Ebook. Buy on Kindle or Buy on Nook

Three short stories written by speaker and novelist Anthony Horvath inspired by his conversations and philosophical discussions over the years.


Polite Company

Sally Apple knows how to maximize hospital profits and properly steward society’s resources. Health care must be rationed and she knows just how to do it. No one is her equal: except Dr. Honey Synger.

Adam and Eve and the Tree of Knowledge of Knowledge

The clarion call of science: Knowledge … continue reading...

Making Lessons out of Lemons

The article below is one I posted at the Cypress Times:

Probably the most entertaining thing about reading the article about the 7 year old girl who found her lemonade stand shut down by the Portland health department was reading the comments that followed. Those comments quickly devolved into a contest between ‘conservatives’ and ‘liberals.’ That discussion was probably warranted, and while I would sympathize with the conservative comments I tend to think a valuable facet was generally overlooked: the overarching belief in our society that it really is possible to eradicate all unpleasant experiences and even if it … continue reading...

C.S. Lewis on Universal Health Care and the Love of Some

I was reading CS Lewis’s The Four Loves and came across the quote below.  Obviously, Lewis is not specifically addressing universal health care or liberalism or the question of using the government to administer love.  Even Christians can be found thinking that it is a noble expression of a loving society to have the government do the loving… and this with no apparent thought to the actual effect that this ‘loving’ will have on the people ‘loved’ and the attitude it fuels in the people-government doing the ‘loving.’  The most important thing seems to be that, well, people’s intentions are … continue reading...