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The Walk to Walden Hill: A Review

Full disclosure:  my ministry awarded this book second place in its 2011 Christian novel writing contest and has since entered into a marketing agreement to promote the book.  

There is a reason why Robert Abernathy’s book, The Walk to Walden Hill:  Rescued in Forgiveness, won an award in Athanatos Christian Ministry’s Christian novel contest- it is quite good!

I was drawn to the story for a variety of reasons, but I believe the primary reason is that the book had a beating heart;  it is the heart of the author, of course, but it is evident throughout that the … continue reading...

Ministry in a Virtual and Digital Age

I learned today that a friend of mine who specializes in the study of virtual communities and education did a presentation recently on ministry in a virtual world and I got a mention (around the 70 minute mark).  I thought the presentation was excellent and if your church or ministry wants an overview on virtual ministry and some guidance on how to proceed, the full 77 minute presentation will help you.

Here is the link to the audio of the presentation and you’ll note that he has made his power point available as well.  (Sntjohnny.com is slide 43 but it … continue reading...

Sntjohnny and his new non-profit: Athanatos Christian Ministries, apologetics, culture, education, etc

Despite my passion for apologetics coming out of college, the realities were such that my full time jobs had to take precedence. The discussion forum debates had to happen late into the night. After 7 years of professional ministry experiences (teaching high school, junior high, Bible college, parish ministry) my full time occupation became more flexible and I could devote more time to it. That meant that the next step, formal incorporation as a non-profit, was obvious.

Thanks to supporters old and new I have finally been able to form that non-profit. It is called Athanatos Christian Ministries. ‘Athanatos’ is … continue reading...