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Top 10 Reasons Not to Trust the Government

If you have been watching the main stream news, you will have recently noticed an uptick in reports about a situation that many of us have known about for months and months.  I am speaking, of course, of Benghazi.

Watching liberal, Obama sympathizers come out with what looks like disgust with the Obama administration suggests we’ve finally arrived, after much excavating and stripping away of layers of ideological commitments, to something passing as common ground.  (See here for an example.)

Listening to reports over the last couple of weeks, I was struck with the thought that it is really quite … continue reading...

2012 Online Apologetics Conference Focuses on Worldview in Story

Apologetics Applied through Story…


Have you ever found yourself in a discussion about the veracity of Christianity only to discover that the other person has all sorts of strange notions about just what Christianity is?   Upon further investigation, you discover that the person’s concept of Christianity seems to be a hodge-podge patchwork derived from the media, cultural judgments, and experiences with the Church while one was young.  If you do point out that Christianity refers to a specific thing, and most importantly, a particular person, as recognized throughout history, they will argue that is just your ‘opinion,’ or … continue reading...