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Tag: Contingency

Who made God? Who made the Universe? Chicken, meet the Egg

The question ‘Who made God’ is one of the first questions a young child asks.  It is an obvious question with a difficult to comprehend answer.  The problem is when adults get stymied.   Worse is when grown men who ought to know better and claim they do get it wrong.  For example, this little bit from Christian turned atheist Dan Barker says:

The mind of a god would be at least as complex and orderly as the rest of nature and would be subject to the same question: Who made god? If a god can be thought eternal, then so … continue reading...

Introducing a Budding Apologist: The Religious Implications of the Large Hadron Collider

What follows is submitted by an up and coming apologist named W. E. Messamore.  His webpage is linked at the bottom and to the right.  I invite readers to take a look at it.  I like what I see and note that he and I have similar trains of thought and areas of emphasis.  For example, in a recent post on his blog he listed Lewis’s The Great Divorce as one of his top books to recommend.  That is my number two favorite book- number one being Lewis’s Perelandra (Space Trilogy, Book 2).  Without further ado, here is Mr. … continue reading...