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Your Beliefs are a Threat to the State Itself

Christianity has always been considered a threat to governments, because it maintains that individuals answer first and foremost to God–and by ‘individuals’ we also mean those running the governments.

Rome led things off, even going so far as to accuse Christians of being atheists, for not being willing to give sacrifices to the gods.  Just one problem:  one of those gods was the emperor himself.  Despite being the best possible citizens one could have, Christians were deemed a threat to the integrity of the state itself.  I document and discuss this thoroughly in this long treatment I wrote awhile … continue reading...

Does anyone remember the Electoral College?

We all remember the angst expressed after the 2000 election when Bush lost the popular vote but won the electoral college.  There were calls for the end of the Electoral College and I don’t know about the reader but I run into people still who insist that ‘Bush was selected not elected.’

I find it very interesting, therefore, to watch what is happening in the Democrat party right now.  For example, as documented in this Time blog here, on SuperTuesday Hillary Clinton won the popular vote and the last I heard (three days out they were still counting) she … continue reading...