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Book Review: Elizabeth Bettina and It Happened in Italy

It Happened in Italy:  Untold Stories of How the People of Italy Defied the Horrors of the Holocaust by Elizabeth BettinaBuy on Amazon

Readers of this blog know that I have an interest in the Holocaust and its causes and ramifications.  For example, I have already reviewed Joe Keysor’s Hitler, the Holocaust, and the Bible.  I consider myself a student of 20th century history with all of its death and destruction and ideological battles.  Mrs. Bettina’s book was a breath of fresh air for me as it accomplished several things at once:

  • It showed me a dimension
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Poem: Grass Today Thrown Into the Fire

I had a hankering the other day to write a poem.  I’ve already been kicking around a novella on similar themes.  I think- I’m not sure- this poem was inspired finally by finishing Elizabeth Bettina’s It Happened in Italy.  I found myself reflecting again about the older generations and what they achieved and has since been forgotten.  Anyway, the poem probably isn’t any good but why should that stop me from posting it?  🙂

With hoary heads the ancient ones tread

rank upon file and file upon rank

day upon day and year atop year

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Three Upcoming Book Reviews and one Released

I have three books sent to me due for reading and reviewing.  It is going to be a week or possibly longer to get to one or all of them so I wanted to throw up a little blurb to each in the meantime.

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If you are aware of Dan Barker’s ‘Easter Challenge’ you will enjoy this concerted effort to answer it.  Pastor Stephen Kingsley’s The Easter Answer:  What happened during the forty days between Easter and the Ascension is … continue reading...