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Global Warming and Evolution: Intimidation the New Step in the Scientific Method

I must at the outset admit that I haven’t delved into the data that I am told substantiates the view that the earth is steadily warming. That is one reason why I have not said anything about Global Warming. I shall say that here in Wisconsin we just came off of a mighty cold spell with snows as late as April, and last year was about the same. As Wisconsin is part of the globe, I feel I can anecdotally chime in that to this point I am skeptical about the Global Warming argument. Moreover, there clearly are several different … continue reading...

Sntjohnny Mentioned in a ChristianPost Article

I stumbled across this and was quite surprised to see that they worked me in!

A fine quote, if I might say so myself.

http://www.christianpost.com/Expelled_Explodes_into_Top_10_Box_Office.htmcontinue reading...

Is Science the Only Way to Know All Things Important?

In a recent blog entry I tried to get to the ‘root’ of the contention between those who think Intelligent Design is not science and those who think it is.  In that entry I made three basic claims:

  1. Many people believe science is the only way to know anything that is important.
  2. By science they expressly insist on only allowing naturalistic explanations.
  3. Objectors to ID as science believe they are behaving rationally and reasonably.

My point was not to argue the validity of any of the views, but rather present them.  As far as I’m concerned these basic claims represent … continue reading...

A friend’s view on the hostility to Intelligent Design: Evolutionary theory isn’t the problem. Atheists are.

A friend of mine blogged on the reaction to Expelled. I notice he’s making many of the same points that I’ve been making and noticing some of the same insane commentary, like dismissing those who think they can detect design (uh, like realizing this post has content and isn’t just an electronic burp) as being ‘flat-earth’ creationists and other such ridiculous things.

KryptosI will only add that I think it is a good thing to hear the anti-ID crowd say what they think. They’ve been talking this way for years. When the public at large gets wind of it … continue reading...

Power to the Experts! Down with Intelligent Design! To arms, to arms!

So one of the biggest public events in the Intelligent Design debate is upon us.  Ben Stein’s Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed is going to be out in theaters today.  Browsing through anti-ID commentary you get a sense of the heat this movie is taking.  It is a small taste of the heat this movie is about.  The stated concerns range all over the place, but the underlying premise that seems to have them pulling out their hair is that such popularizations of the debate are bad, very bad, because the American public are, well, morons.  Why can’t people just be … continue reading...

You can’t say Intelligent Design is not Science Just Because it is So Obvious

My favorite Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed trailer hit youtube. I had wanted to post it before but I had to link to the Expelled movie site. Here it is:

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

In one of my recent posts I challenged Skeptics to be skeptical of everything. I would include the prospect that their anti-intelligent design bent is just a Dawkinian ‘meme.’ If they had been born at any other time at any other place, even they would have conceded that the marks of intelligent design were all around … continue reading...

Giving Skeptics Reason to be Skeptical: Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed. New Super Trailer.

The latest trailer is awesome in my opinion: http://www.expelledthemovie.com/playground.php (Opens in New Window.)

I have had on occasion the opportunity to challenge my skeptical atheistic secular humanistic ‘free thinking’ ‘bright‘ friends to put their alleged skeptical and free thinking methods to work that is skeptical about everything, and not just ‘religious’ issues. There are many examples where I think such an attitude would, if applied genuinely result in respect and appreciation for ‘religious’ views even if not leading them to embrace them. But usually, skeptics are not skeptical of everything. They are skeptical just to a point.… continue reading...