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My book, Spero, reviewed favorably by an atheist friend

Thanks go out to my friend Dannyboy whom I have known through forum debate for I think 15 years now.  Danny also graciously hosted me on a trip to England where he and I tipped back a pint (or two) at the Oxford inns where the Inklings (Lewis, Tolkien, etc) would meet.  Here are some pics from that affair.  WIthout further ado here is his review:

“Spero” – Book II of the Birthpangs series by AR Horvath.

‘Spero’ (Hope) is one of those Latin words that you sort of know, even if you were lucky enough to attend a … continue reading...

Release Date for Book 2 of Birth Pangs Series, Spero, and Excerpt

I am very pleased to announce that book 2 in the Birth Pangs series, Spero, will be released in hard cover on October 20th, 2008.  The soft cover will be released around Thanksgiving, 2008.

I am very pleased to make available an extended excerpt of the book.  You may download it below.  Feel free to pass it along and share it!

Review copies are available.  Email me at author@birthpangs.com.  Please provide details about the venue that the review would be published in.  Review copies can be purchased by fans for a limited time through this site.

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Interview question on the writing of Fidelis- a post apocalyptic setting for moral exploration

I was handed a bunch of interview questions a while back and we actually had an audio interview but that interview is now lost in the hills of Argentina (I kid you not).  I have been answering them one by one on my blog at www.birthpangs.com but this one (and a couple to come) I thought would be relevant here.  You can read the other four questions and answers at the Birth Pangs site.  Here, reprinted, is question five and my answer:

Why pick a post-nuclear war setting to explore these themes:  first, the theme of human virtue and fortitude, … continue reading...

Worldnetdaily.com Readers

I was pretty thrilled to learn that a review of my book was going to be published on Worldnet as I bet any one can understand.  Here is the article for those starting on my site and not coming from WND:  http://www.worldnetdaily.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=58834

Also, many thanks to Don Hank who took an interest in my book and my ministry a couple of months ago and has been a great encouragement to me.   He is the author of the review.

My book, Fidelis is available both in hard covers and soft covers…

Soft Cover: $14.95   Hard Cover $24.95


You can purchase them … continue reading...

A review of my book, “Fidelis” by Jean Heimann at Catholic Fire

Jean Heimann at her Catholic Fire blog posted a review of my book, Fidelis, and I have to say that I think she did a good job. Ok, maybe I’d say that anyone who likes my book and writes a favorable review did a good job. But who could possibly dislike my book? 😉 To read the review, click the title of it: Book Review: The Harry Potter Alternative.
I have also posted some comments about her review on my book series site (www.birthpangs.com) on the blog there. Click here to read those comments.… continue reading...