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Tag: freedom of Religion

Holmen Star Church and State Issue Coming to a Boil

This Thursday, May 8th, the Holmen village council is expected to take up the issue of the Holmen ‘Cross.’  Perched on a bluff that can be seen from a great distance is a lighted star that during Easter is lighted as a cross instead, for just about a week.  A relatively new resident decided that this offended him and it constituted an establishment of religion.  The Holmen village decided to sell the small piece of property to the Lions Club which formerly was involved with the star and cross.  This would effectively put the object on private land and dodge … continue reading...

War Declared on the Church of Scientology: Do I Grab the Popcorn or the Pistol?

I saw today that ‘war’ was declared on the Church of Scientology. The video is pretty clever:

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The Youtube page has some interesting comments on it and so does this location of the file on Brietbart. Some interesting comments, including some interesting perspectives, like the one by ‘atheist1’ on the Brietbart page who said that belief in Scientology “is just as crazy as believing there is a man in the clouds judging us. Can we declare war on Pat Robertson too?”  This goes to show you that … continue reading...

Dan Barker and Infidel Radio

I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard that Dan Barker over at the Freedom from Religion Foundation was going to be on liberal radio network Air America.  I followed up by finding this article at Foxnews.  The writer goofs by saying that Barker and his wife head up the Freedom OF Religion rather than FROM.

I have mixed feelings about such things.  Naturally, I don’t object to them having their broadcast. It is a free country, after all.  No, what I mean is that on the one hand, I think we should be having those like Barker, Hitchens, … continue reading...