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Soviet Show Trials Right Here in America

I am deeply disturbed by the Obama administration’s decision to try the 9-11 terrorists in civilian courts, whether in New York City or anywhere else.

My jaw dropped when Holder and Obama began offering their justifications.  They clearly thought that they were being reassuring but they made it much worse.  For example, in response to the argument that going through the civilian courts… you know, giving the terrorists status under the Constitution of the United States… meant leaving open such possibilities that these terrorists could get parole or even declared innocent, it was replied, essentially, “Not to worry, there is … continue reading...

A Christian checks out Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals

The impact that Saul Alinksy’s ideology had in the thinking of the man currently occupying the office of the presidency, one Barack Hussein Obama, is well documented.  Thus, I will not document it myself, and submit the reader to Google.

Having only read excerpts of Alinksy’s Rules for Radicals, I was pleased to have the opportunity to sit down and read it for myself in its entirety.  Knowing how influential Alinksy was for the young Obama (and many others who now occupy seats of power) I am more worried than I was before now that I’ve actually read … continue reading...

Supreme Court orders Military to Read Miranda Rights to Enemy Before Shooting Them

Well, not yet, anyway.  Just crossing the wire is the news that the Supreme Court has ruled in a 5-4 decision (Liberals+Kennedy versus the Conservatives) that detainees at Gitmo have the same Federal rights under the constitution as any other American, at least insofar as being able to access Federal courts.   I’ll issue the same caveat I’ve heard elsewhere- this has just been released so more details on the decision might clear things up.  At this point, however, it looks like the Supreme Court has just extended the privileges and immunities of the Constitution to ‘enemy combatants.’

I am just … continue reading...