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Today’s Gun Control Story: Law Abiding Citizen

Some folks wonder what keeps me so busy… here’s one thing.  I’m part of a community of authors producing short stories on a regular basis.  These stories are often inspired by things I’ve been thinking about.

Today, completely coincidentally–honest!–I have released a short story called Law Abiding Citizen that ties in a bit with Obama’s gun control activities and more directly, the media’s treatment of such issues.  And liberal hypocrisy in general, maybe.  🙂

You have to be a member to read it (or buy it from Kindle or Smashwords once it becomes available there) but free membership is available, … continue reading...

On Heroes and Dignity and Slavery

A friend of mine posted something recently that I thought really hit the nail on the head.  I have pasted it below for your reading pleasure.

I would like to add my own thoughts to what she calls the “Katrina Problem.”  Our reliance on ‘heroes’ also has an impact on our own perception of ourselves.  There are a lot of people out there who, in the name of love, stoop low to help others.  When you do this often enough in an all encompassing and pervasive way, the people cannot help themselves any longer.  (You could ask:  So, did you… continue reading...