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Transforming the Culture by Transforming People: Apologetics

I have been harping on this for some time, now, but a friend exposed me to Barna’s latest polling about the election which measured how Christians voted.

In brief:

  1. The Republican challenger generally won over a majority of people whose beliefs reflected a conservative Christian faith. For instance, he won 57% of those who strongly believed that the Bible is totally accurate in all the principles it teaches; 61% of adults who strongly affirmed a personal responsibility to share their religious faith with others; 63% of those who believe that Satan is a living, influential force; 64% who contend that
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The Abortion Issue Now that Obama has Won

Any reader of my blog knows that I am a ‘one issue’ voter with abortion being that one issue.  A reader of my blog also knows that even though I see the overturning of Roe vs. Wade as the most significant event to bring about because of the sheer impact, I believe the ultimate solution is at a much smaller level.  For just one example of my thoughts, you can read my post “Abortion and the Pro-Life Movement if Obama Wins

Otherwise the ‘abortion’ category to the left will keep you reading for awhile.

I had just a … continue reading...

Proof that Obama was/is a Socialist: Other Socialists Said So In Writing

I generally have kept my blog away from conspiracy theory type stuff though I have suspected there is an element to truth to a lot of the ones circulating about Obama.  Yesterday I saw something that I think is so indisputable that it can no longer be considered a ‘conspiracy theory.’  It is a cold, hard fact.  It does not require an Obama ‘explanation.’  It requires an Obama admission.  He needs to be truthful with the American people.

I am referring here to clippings from a Socialist news paper in the 1990s which listed Barack as a member of their … continue reading...

Abortion and the Pro-Life Movement if Obama Wins

An Open Letter to the Pro-Life Community


The media is doing all it can to persuade Americans that an Obama victory is inevitable.  Personally, I think McCain will pull it out.  The biggest reason I have for supporting McCain is his pledge to appoint originalist judges to the courts, and in particular (of course) the Supreme Court.  What happens if Obama wins?  Then we have judges who feel they can make up law as sentimentality dictates.

However, I would like to suggest that for those of us firmly anti-abortion and especially those of us who are Christian, who wins … continue reading...

Democrats Deprived of Historical Moment, McCain Wins Christian Conservatives, McCain wins ME

By now I’m sure everyone has heard that McCain has selected Sarah Palin, the governor of Alaska, to be his vice-presidential candidate.  The strategic victory that this represents is clear to most, especially when compared to the Obama campaign.  The Obama campaign was about ‘change’ and a ‘moment of history’ but when the chips were down picked a VP that was old school.  Not that I blame him for not picking Hillary to be his running mate, but not doing so certainly watered down the mission for ‘change.’  With the Palin pick, conservatives are able to provide something ‘historic’ in … continue reading...

John McCain Wins South Carolina, Lays Groundwork for Run As an Independent

With John McCain taking South Carolina I think the Presidential campaign is finally going to get interesting.    Most conservative minded people I know and talk to are not really happy with any of the choices being offered on the GOP side.    This includes a general dissatisfaction with John McCain as well.   In fact, most of the conservative people I interact with or read are actually deeply opposed to McCain.  They would vote for him against Clinton and Obama, no doubt, but they wouldn’t be happy about it.

The two victories for McCain here I think will be a wake-up call … continue reading...