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Radio Interview on ‘Consent of the Governed’

Today (August 31) at 5 p.m. CST I will be on KFUO radio discussing “the consent of the governed.”  I am reasonably certain this interview request was inspired by a recent post of mine on the same topic.  Radio link.

When I get the mp3 of the interview I will try to make it available here. UPDATE, here it is: 

Christianity and Libertarians, the Republic, and the Consent of the Governed


I don’t feel like merely calling myself a Constitutionalist is sufficient.  I add the ‘libertarian’ modifier in order to make clear the principle that I believe was shared … continue reading...

KFUO Radio – Jan 6, 2011 – On atheism

I’ll be on KFUO radio today (Jan 6) at 4:30 p.m. CST talking about atheistic objections to the faith.

Listen online here:  http://www.kfuo.org/TT_Main.htm

If I remember, I’ll grab the mp3 and make it available for listening later on.… continue reading...

Problem of Pain and Suffering Radio Interview

KFUO radio interviewed me again, this time on the problem of pain and suffering.

Download and listen below.… continue reading...

Radio Interview with WLEA on Saul Alinsky

Many thanks to Kevin Doran from WLEA for having me on to discuss Saul Alinsky.  Read the original post that inspired the interview on Saul Alinsky.

You can download and listen the interview here:

.… continue reading...

Radio Interview on the Athanatos Online Academy

The spring session is nearly over but I just received this this morning and wanted to make it available. It ran on KCBI a couple of weeks ago. I discuss the purpose of the apologetics academy, the need for it (and apologetics in general) in the Church today, and the format of the courses.… continue reading...

Anthony on the Radio- 10/22/07

I will be on 6:30 a.m. CST on this station here: http://www.reachfm.org/

You can listen live. I’m going to try to get a copy of the interview.


The interview was fun!  Many thanks to ReachFM for having me on, and for providing a copy of the program.  Here it is for download.  (I was interviewed in relation to the bulletin inserts with apologetical content which you can find linked at the top of the page).

Radio INterview ReachFM 12 MBcontinue reading...