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Tag: Saviour

It’s Always There

When we turn to Jesus as our Savior and Lord, there is a mystery that occurs beyond human comprehension. The sin that once marked us is gone.




As if it was never there.

Yet, sin… it’s always “there”.

When one receives Christ, the payment of sin, being eternal death, turns into eternal life. There’s a contract on all of our heads. We came into the world vulnerable and helpless. We can’t help ourselves but to sin and to be destined for the results.

Sin creates a problem. It distances us from God. His hand is extended toward … continue reading...

The Growth of the Early Church: A Testimony Believed. Martyrs for what they saw not what they believed.

The Growth of the Early Church: A Testimony Believed.

This essay was written in response to challenges to demonstrate that the early Christians died because of their testimony, and their unwillingness to reject their testimony. In other words, they believed that they had actually seen certain events, and chose to die rather than deny what they had seen. Contrast with an event like 9-11, where we talk about 19 Muslims flying into the towers ‘because of their beliefs.’ I will contend in this essay that the early martyrs were driven on by what they witnessed with their own eyes- externally- continue reading...