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Tag: sin

It’s Always There

When we turn to Jesus as our Savior and Lord, there is a mystery that occurs beyond human comprehension. The sin that once marked us is gone.




As if it was never there.

Yet, sin… it’s always “there”.

When one receives Christ, the payment of sin, being eternal death, turns into eternal life. There’s a contract on all of our heads. We came into the world vulnerable and helpless. We can’t help ourselves but to sin and to be destined for the results.

Sin creates a problem. It distances us from God. His hand is extended toward … continue reading...

A Devotional Minute for Atheists and Sick People Everywhere

“Christianity has not been tried and found wanting; it has been found difficult and not tried.” GK Chesterton

This post is inspired by some discussions about sin and the nature of God that are going on on my forum but also by my own introspection this Lenten season.

The question put to my atheist friend was “Are you claiming to be perfect?”  Of course he denied it and embraced the notion that he was far from perfect.  He seems to have a problem demanding with God demanding perfection and associating that demand with any kind of consequence.  What I wanted … continue reading...