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Is hyper-specialization killing the US Economy and ruining lives?

I studied to be a pastor in college.  That is, I majored in pastoral ministry and minored in biblical languages.  But it was basically a liberal arts degree.  It was basically an expansion of the ‘liberal arts’ education I received in high school, which I suppose was similar to most people’s.  You learn a smattering of a whole bunch of stuff and the idea is that this prepares you to do just about anything you want down the road.  Such an education is supposed to give you a well rounded experience to serve as a foundation for your eventual career … continue reading...

I am my child’s advocate; you aren’t.

I am my child’s advocate; you aren’t.

I know my child.  This child is mine.  Mine to protect and mine to cherish.

You are quite convinced that Immunization X will not harm my child.

But then you send my child home.  We live with the consequences.  You don’t.

You say that only this few out of this many will have a reaction.  This few is acceptable to you.  You don’t take them home and live with them.

I may decide this few is too many because I know that if my child is part of the ‘few’ I am the … continue reading...