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Tag: US Constitution

Obama on Immigration Just One More Symptom of the Collapse of the Rule of Law

Setting aside completely the moral or ethical issues that may compel someone to grant young illegal immigrants immunity, and even allow them to work in the US without hindrance, the approach that Obama has taken to bring it about is, to put it bluntly, the death rattle of the Republic.  This article in the Politico goes over some of the other examples in the Obama administration of open defiance of the law, which, if I recall correctly, Obama (and others… ie, Holder) swore to uphold in his inaugural oath.

I am reminded of the words of Abraham Lincoln, who, … continue reading...

Making Lessons out of Lemons

The article below is one I posted at the Cypress Times:

Probably the most entertaining thing about reading the article about the 7 year old girl who found her lemonade stand shut down by the Portland health department was reading the comments that followed. Those comments quickly devolved into a contest between ‘conservatives’ and ‘liberals.’ That discussion was probably warranted, and while I would sympathize with the conservative comments I tend to think a valuable facet was generally overlooked: the overarching belief in our society that it really is possible to eradicate all unpleasant experiences and even if it … continue reading...

What it means that Dumbledore is Gay, A Christian’s Response, and Objective Reality

I have a lot to cram in here, so I don’t know that it is even worth trying.  It may help if you go back to my first post on this subject.  This makes my third post on the subject.

Something interesting I found today was this article here by a certain, aptly named, Michael Dorf.   I thought it interesting because he makes the point that just because Rowling declares Dumbledore to be gay, it does not make it so.   It cannot be supported by the text, which stands alone.  I agree with this in a sense.  One … continue reading...