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Thoughts on Death and God in the Morning

This morning my wife woke me and I was having a terrible dream.  In the dream, I lost most of my family… wife, children, siblings… Now, usually I am able to ‘control’ my dreams or otherwise inform myself in the dream that it is in fact only a dream.  It was odd that this dream would be different.  When I woke up I was on my way to the funerals, grieving.   Not cool.

The only thing I can think is that my blog last night on the problem of suffering and the solution of the incarnation primed me to have … continue reading...

Extreme Make Over: Home Addition, Christianity shown up by Capitalists

I posted a long time ago on this and I was thinking of it again while watching the show tonight.   I came in late, so I didn’t get the full context.  It seemed as though there was a single father, a Christian, taking care of his sons on his own.  As usual, his house was a dump, but ABC came in and gave him something awesome.  Here is my problem:  why are Christians doing this dozens of times a day all over the place?

I am not so naive to think that ABC or Sears or the contractors here are … continue reading...

Christian Response and Reaction to Pullman and His Dark Materials: the Golden Compass, the Subtle Knife, The Amber Spyglass

DownloadfileiconThe full response is pasted below, but you may want to download and print it off, or attach it in an email. If so, here it is for download:

If you would like to discuss this issue, please use my discussion forum, where this thread has been set up for that purpose.

Since this has been made available, my response has been featured on the ChristianPost.com.

Some people prefer a shorter treatment. I have produced a one page “parent’s guide”/bulletin insert. Donate ButtonMore information is available here and you can just download it, too, here:

If you appreciate the amount … continue reading...

Henneman And Perspective.

Mrs. Henneman (not her real name) was my first grade teacher. She was awesome. Naturally, my memories faded a long time ago. My best source these days is my mother who assures me that I thought the world of Mrs. Henneman and the reason for this appears to be that Mrs. Henneman thought the world of me.

It is interesting what things we remember. I had some vague recollection as I coursed through elementary and middle school that Mrs. Henneman no longer worked at the school, but it wasn’t actually until high school that I made the connection that she … continue reading...

The Humility of Age

I had some interesting experiences in college. I went to college intending to become a pastor and practically became an atheist after just a few months. I emerged from this much stronger. I remember well how deeply I threw myself into studying all sorts of things. Buddhism, Hinduism, atheism, Christianity, science, quantum physics, evolution, philosophy, and more. Most of what I learned I learned apart from the classroom. I became very knowledgeable about the Bible and I thought I was doing a good job living by its precepts. I considered myself pretty patient and selfless. And spiritual. Let’s not forget … continue reading...

It’s true, that’s why. Not because it’s useful.

I’ve been plugging away on this thread here on my forum and the conversation has turned towards the question of objective morality and atheism. As happens so often, the atheists in question seem to think my point is that they would not be moral apart from God when in fact my point is that they are moral without their belief in God- but why should they be? That they insist that they are moral demands an explanation. And again, as so often happens, the question arises- don’t you think that you need religion to be moral?

I was painting my … continue reading...