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Full Circle: Barack Obama’s Jimmy Carter Iranian Hostage Moment

The recent turn of events in the Middle East has me thinking that we may be seeing the Obama term complete it’s mimicry of Carter’s presidency.  The Iranian hostage crisis fleshed out the numerous ways in which Carter was deficient.  It was all part of a package, you see;  the floundering economy, the diminished standing of the United States, the inability to protect American interests at home… and abroad… all flowed inexorably from the Carter worldview. The present malaise in America, the neutered role of the US in the world, and the inability to take a forceful stand in defense … continue reading...

2012 Online Apologetics Conference Focuses on Worldview in Story

Apologetics Applied through Story…


Have you ever found yourself in a discussion about the veracity of Christianity only to discover that the other person has all sorts of strange notions about just what Christianity is?   Upon further investigation, you discover that the person’s concept of Christianity seems to be a hodge-podge patchwork derived from the media, cultural judgments, and experiences with the Church while one was young.  If you do point out that Christianity refers to a specific thing, and most importantly, a particular person, as recognized throughout history, they will argue that is just your ‘opinion,’ or … continue reading...

Are your views on Abortion Related to Your Belief System?

Anecdotally speaking, I am very confident that one’s position on abortion is generally very closely connected to your beliefs and world view.   I discussed my thoughts on this in this fairly lengthy post talking about apologetics and the abortion issue.  I would like to move slightly beyond the anecdotal.  It isn’t quite to the point where I’m going to launch a formal study or anything, but I would like to hear people’s actual responses.

Christian or non-Christian, pro-life or not, I would like to hear your thoughts.  Here are some questions you could answer:

  • Have you ever changed your mind
continue reading...

Church Bulletin Insert: What Christian Parents Should Know about The Golden Compass and What they Should Do About it

This Project was Featured on the ChristianPost.com! [opens in new window]

“The Christian religion is a very powerful
and convincing mistake, that’s all.”
(The Amber Spyglass by Philip Pullman)



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This is a companion to a very detailed analysis I wrote of Philip Pullman’s “His Dark Materials” series. It is a brief introduction covering points that Christian parents may be interested in knowing about the series.

It is formatted so that it can also be used as a … continue reading...

Outright Lies, illiteracy, or just bad scholarship?

If you read my last blog entry, you saw that I went after Dawkins for unquestioningly accepting information he has been handed without investigating to see if the information is legit. One can wonder if his whole worldview is based on information handed to him pre-biased, and one can wonder further whether or not we should trust his judgment. In the course of that post I pointed out that just as we may be skeptical of his use of Judge Jones, we can and should be skeptical of his other material, and I included as an example his citation … continue reading...