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Inviting Anthony to Present

Anthony has spoken in a variety of locations on a variety of topics.  He has been featured on numerous national and local radio stations.  His columns have been published at Worldnetdaily.com and the ChristianPost.com. A list of his media ‘appearances’ is here.

To discuss having Anthony present at your church, school, or organization you may use the form below or contact him at publicity@athanatos.org.

Anthony Horvath is available to speak on apologetics issues and is a member of the Lutherans for Life speakers bureau, and hence willing to speak on pro-life issues.

Anthony, otherwise known as ‘Sntjohnny’ abandoned his faith while studying to be a pastor. As his faith was restored, he understood how important it was to know why Christians believe what they believe. And also, why it was reasonable to hold those beliefs.

Since graduating from college, he has taught religion at the junior and senior high school level, as well as Greek, Christian Apologetics, and philosophy at the collegiate level. He was a “Director of Parish Ministries” at a Lutheran church in Wisconsin.

He is currently pursuing his masters in Philosophy and Apologetics but has been involved in online evangelism and ministry for ten years.

If you would like to discuss having Anthony do a presentation, debate, discussion, seminar, or retreat on the Christian religion or Christian Apologetics, please feel free to email him at sntjohnny@sntjohnny.com with your ideas OR fill out the contact form below.

Besides my ‘ready to go‘ topics, I feel comfortable presenting on other issues, including controversial and complicated ones, and have experience doing so with groups of old and young, alike.

Anthony in the media.

Contact: publicity@athanatosministries.org.


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