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Guards at the Tomb: Pilate puts Jesus on Trial, the Jews put Pilate on Trial

howmanyguardsEbook(this is the continuation of a series of essays discussing the number and make-up of the guards at Jesus’ tomb. It can be purchased as an ebook, cover to the right.    Main essay | Previous section | Next section:  The Presence of Jewish Guards at the Tomb )

Pilate puts Jesus on Trial, the Jews put Pilate on Trial

In light of the foregoing, many skeptics have pointed to the nearly docile Pontius Pilate of the Gospel accounts as proof positive that they cannot possibly reflect real history.  The character and demeanor of the Pilate that Jesus met is … continue reading...

Prelude to an Argument for Christianity: The Jewish People

It took a few years after my personal battle with atheism for me to realize the importance of Jesus’ Jewishness in understanding Christianity- and defending it.  The character of the Jewish people at that time is well documented by both the Old Testament and extra-biblical sources.  Some things about Christianity, or perhaps more precisely, the New Testament, make no sense apart from the Jewish context that it arose in.  The brief video presentation below is not an argument for Christianity but rather foundation laying for such an argument.  Everyone loves a puzzle!  Puzzle me this- how has the Jewish nation … continue reading...