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Do atheists own public land?

Kevin Hundt of La Crosse, WI seems to think so:

Atheists do not have “more” say than religious people, we just don’t want government (public-owned) resources to be used to promote religion. Religious people already have tax-free churches; if you want statues and monuments, you can put them there. No one is demanding anyone “hide” their religious belongings – when you all put up those 10 commandments signs in your yards, did anyone complain? No, that’s your property. Put up whatever you want there. But government property is my property, so keep your backward magic superstition off my lawn. [Emphasis in the original newspaper]


Supreme Court Deals Body Blow to Atheists Quest for State Purged of Religion

I was shocked today to read of the unanimous Supreme Court decision asserting that governmental institutions do not have to place an entity’s monument just because that city, state, or municipality has placed others. That this was the decision isn’t what shocked me. What shocked me was that it was unanimous. I’m glad: it restores new faith in the left side of the bench because I had trouble seeing how any sane person could think otherwise. A victory for sanity!

This is going to have some big implications. One of the secularist’s chief arguments concerns fairness. According to them, in order for there to be fairness under the constitution, either all religious monuments must be allowed or none of them. In affirming the right for cities to have monuments at all and decide which ones (if any), we are spared the nonsensical situation where we must allow a contrarian monument to go up whereever there is any other monument. Imagine, for example, that next to the Vietnam Memorial it was required to erect a memorial to Ho Chi Minh. Absurd. If it came to that I reckon that our veterans would prefer not to have any monument at all. That is the only other alternative in the name of ‘fairness’ if the secularists are right.


Dan Barker and ‘Equal Time’ or, Dear Atheist, Please tell the truth

Dan Barker’s Freedom from Religion Foundation is back at it. Every year they manage to find atheists with presumably no intestinal fortitude, thus explaining the sharp pains in their guts and mental distress when they see a nativity scene, much like vampires wince at the sight of the crucifix. The Caped Crusader is back in action, but this time with a twist: now he doesn’t want Christian imagery obliterated from the public square.* He just wants ‘equal time.’


More Skeptic and Atheistic Response to the Holmen Star and Cross

If you’ve been following my posts about the Holmen cross/star, you know that my position is that the Village of Holmen took the ‘easy’ way out in its attempt to preserve the cross on Star Hill, and likely a foolish attempt at that, as they’re probablygoing to get sued anyway. I’ve been following the blogosphere […]


The Atheistic Reaction to the Holmen Cross Situation: Predictable.

Predictable, yes, but whose listening to me? If you’ve been following my blog on this matter you’ve read about the fact that a church and state issue has popped up right in the town that I live in.  A star which has been on private land for some 40 years and could be lit up […]


Village of Holmen Dodges Church and State Conflict, Sells Land to Lions Club, Shuns Atheist Groups

Tonight at their council meeting the trustees of the village of Holmen voted unanimously to approve the sale of a tiny piece of property with a star on it- which can be lighted as a cross during Easter- for $600.   The property had been appraised at $100.00.  Six times the appraisal value might seem a […]


Holmen Star Church and State Issue Coming to a Boil

This Thursday, May 8th, the Holmen village council is expected to take up the issue of the Holmen ‘Cross.’  Perched on a bluff that can be seen from a great distance is a lighted star that during Easter is lighted as a cross instead, for just about a week.  A relatively new resident decided that […]


The Holmen Cross, Kristallnacht, and the Tyranny of the Minority: My Letter to the Editor in the La Crosse Tribune

I wrote a letter to the editor regarding the Holmen cross which sits on public property.  It was published today.  The power of the personal blog gives me the ability to comment further and even respond to other letter writers.  Let’s start with my actual letter. Beware tyranny of the minority It is not every […]


Church and State Separation Issues Strike Holmen and the Cross on Star Hill

The national issue about religious icons (read: Christian symbols) on public land has struck very close to home. This link will give some background to the whole affair but there are a few other things of note which perhaps in due time I will speak to. I have strong feelings about such issues and have […]