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Category: Scott Walker

Dec 08

The Coming Nightmare of the Trump Presidency

This is one of the least pleasant pieces I have ever sat down to write.  I am forcing myself to do it.   I feel the warning must be issued, although my sense is that those who would heed it, need it least. Many people are encouraged by the election of Donald J. Trump.  To them, …

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Sep 21

The Rise and Fall of Scott Walker’s Presidential Fortunes

With his own support in Wisconsin growing tepid, you can well understand how the chill wind might put a damper on his national numbers, too. The reason why Trump sucked up support from Walker, primarily, is because people became less convinced that Walker was going to act on his convictions, and absolutely convinced that Trump would.


Sep 04

Anthony Horvath Public Testimony: Principles of self-government, rather than ‘pro-life’ principles, are controlling regarding Planned Parenthood

On September 2nd, 2015, I had the opportunity to give testimony for the Wisconsin state assembly’s committee on health concerning AB 310, a bill that would compel the state of Wisconsin to compete for Title X Federal dollars, which presently go exclusively to Planned Parenthood.  By the time I had my chance to speak, many …

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Mar 04

Choose President based on Principles, not Expertise: In Defense of Scott Walker

It is precisely the fact that Scott Walker has a good head on his shoulders and is not an elitist that is one of his greatest selling points, and probably our greatest hope of saving the country.