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Proper Response to Genuine Social Injustice: Reflections on Obama’s Student Loan Proposals

I remember having a long series of conversations with a friend about the moral culpability we might have by purchasing products from outfits like Walmart and other companies that provide cheap goods ‘on the backs’ of poor people in other countries.  I was willing to concede that there might be some culpability, but wondered what on earth we could do about it.  I also submitted that previous ‘good intentioned’ efforts to do ‘something’ about it not only exacerbated the problem, but probably created the problem in the first place.  Eventually he acknowledged that most of us are just ‘stuck,’ powerless … continue reading...

Course on the Evidence for the Resurrection of Jesus: Against Naturalism

My recent blog posts discussing philosophical naturalism really show that this course is relevant.  Here is the question:  on the historical evidence alone, unfettered by the presupposition that there is a God or that there isn’t one, and unfettered with baggage that reasonable people MUST interpret everything in naturalistic terms, can it be shown (again, on the historical evidence alone), that Jesus rose from the dead?

If he did, that is a prima facie case for the existence of God, and not just any God, the Christian God, and it also undermines naturalism.

The Athanatos Online Academy’s course on the … continue reading...

Two Approaches Christians Have to the World: Isolation Versus Insulation

I am pleased to publish an article by my friend, Don Hank, the Editor in Chief of Laigle’s Forum.  Though he and I have different tasks set before us, we have a shared concern about the state of the Church and many shared concerns about the threats that are arrayed against Her, and this country.  This article represents some of Don’s thoughts about Christian apologetics.

Isolation versus insulation for Christians

by Donald Hank

Imagine a mother and father who kept their children indoors in the coldest winter months and never allowed them to leave the house until they were … continue reading...