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Apologetics Book Club

Athanatos Christian Ministries is launching an book club.  The year long membership delivers one book a month for just $10 a month- including shipping!  The books selected continue to influence Christian thought and provide useful insight for apologists in particular, Christians in general, and readers of all stripes, as they grapple with Truth.  The list includes both fiction and non-fiction and the authors span centuries and countries.

To learn more and sign up click here.

Current line up (subject to revision)

(In no particular order)

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Unpublished Answers to Interview with An Apologist

Not too long ago, FallenandFlawed blog interviewed me about my apologetics ministry and some of my activities.  As tends to happen with me, I got a little long and only a portion of the interview could be posted.  With permission, here are the remaining questions and answers:

Q. In 2009 ACM launched a Christian Writing Contest, which was an outgrowth of ACM’s desire to develop a genre of fiction called “literary apologetics.” Forgive me, but immediately books like C. S. Lewis’ The Great Divorce and The Chronicles of Narnia come to mind. Is that what you’re looking for? What … continue reading...

Matthew Murray, the atheist ex-pentecostal that killed Christians in the name of atheism …

Now that I got your attention.  😉

No doubt this tragedy is going to be hashed out along ideological grounds for some time to come.   For my part, I’m not very interested in those kinds of conversations, though I do note again how for the atheist, any transgression by an individual seems to be grounds for snide arguments against religion as a whole and Christianity in particular.  One of the commenters on my forum thinks that such approaches only occur among the ‘simple-minded’ atheists (his characterization) but as the thread I just linked to well illustrates, there is actually … continue reading...