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Tag: Dennett

How the Placebo Effect Proves there is a God

Ok, catchy title aside, in fact I mean to demonstrate only that it proves that the transcendent exists and is real- further argument would be required to get to the conclusion that there is a God as Christians understand him.  🙂

We are all aware of the placebo effect.  This is often described as being the result of ‘sham’ or ‘fake’ treatments or pills with the fact being that the body would have ‘healed itself on its own’ or has its effect because the illness was ‘only in their mind.’

All of these attitudes represent a materialistic outlook, if … continue reading...

Scientism: The Atheist’s Religion of Faith

I’m getting some hits regarding scientism but don’t actually have any posts dedicated to it.  I thought if I’m going to be looked at on the subject I should make at least a few deliberate comments.  They should not be construed, however, as exhaustive.

Scientism can refer to a few different ideas and I denounce them all. 🙂  It goes without saying that people who exhibit ‘scientism’ would not use the word to describe themselves and they will resent the suggestion that they are as described.

Because this post is pretty lengthy here is a list of the headings in … continue reading...

Is Science the Only Way to Know All Things Important?

In a recent blog entry I tried to get to the ‘root’ of the contention between those who think Intelligent Design is not science and those who think it is.  In that entry I made three basic claims:

  1. Many people believe science is the only way to know anything that is important.
  2. By science they expressly insist on only allowing naturalistic explanations.
  3. Objectors to ID as science believe they are behaving rationally and reasonably.

My point was not to argue the validity of any of the views, but rather present them.  As far as I’m concerned these basic claims represent … continue reading...