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Tag: Haiti

Planned Parenthood And Their Hypocritical Concern for Haiti

I suppose many readers have heard the outcry against Planned Parenthood soliciting donations to restore ‘family planning’ services in Haiti.  I’ll leave others to reflect on the weirdness of this.  I’d like to focus briefly on the hypocrisy of it, for, after all, given Planned Parenthood’s real goals, their only complaint about what happened in Haiti can only be that more people didn’t die.

I have discussed the malthusian nature of abortion proponents at length on this blog so I won’t rehash it.  Essentially the point is this:  if you really believe that over population is the worst crisis … continue reading...

Dear Pat Robertson: What are you thinking?

Warning:  Rant ahead.

Haiti made a deal with the devil and it is reaping the consequences?  Ok, while I’d like a little more information about this so called ‘deal’ made 200 years ago, I’ve got to say that this isn’t the kind of thing you just randomly say.  You’re not helping anything and I doubt you helped anyone.  Indeed, there is no doubt in my mind that you just made evangelism and apologetics much more difficult.  Thanks for that.  Really appreciate it.

Carry on.… continue reading...