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A Review of Spero by Jean Heimann at Catholic Fire

Today is the official release day of Birth Pangs: Spero in hard cover!  It is available through Amazon.com or through my book’s website at www.birthpangs.com.

Jean Heimann, who also reviewed Birth Pangs: Fidelis, was kind enough to write a review of Spero as well.  Below are the opening paragraphs of the review followed by a link to the full review.  She provides a link back to birthpangs.com at the end of her review.

Jean Heimann’s Full Review

Spero, the second book in the Birthpang series continues the adventure of the futuristic fantasy tale, which takes places in the

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Don’t let Corporations Control the Christian Story

The Pullman “His Dark Materials” series and the Harry Potter series has raised concerns for Christians. However, a distinction needs to be made. HDM is clearly evangelical in nature while Harry Potter just as clearly does not have such an agenda, notwithstanding Rowling’s attempt to insert one after the fact. Still, everyone understands that Story is a powerful medium and it doesn’t necessarily depend on whether or not there is an agenda explicitly afoot. Just the atmosphere of the Story-world communicates.

The fact that there are stories out there that don’t perfectly reflect the Christian world view is just a … continue reading...