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Should Churches Adopt a No Child Left Behind Approach?

What I mean is this: we know that the Church in America is in decline by survey and personal experience, and we can suppose that this is because of ‘the way we are doing things’ but we can’t be sure what is producing strong Christians or weak Christians unless we have some sort of assessment.

Of course, you have to actually want to know, don’t you? If a 100 kids leave your congregation and 98 of them fall from the faith within 5 years and 90 never return that is something that I would want to know if I was the leader of a congregation. Then I would want to know what kind of framework those kids had when they left and how they received it. If I learned that my programs were actually setting them up to get smacked around like a pinata at college, I’d want to know.


A brief Rant

Not too long ago I was in a long and invigorating debate about one of my older posts wherein I spent the majority of my time clarifying what I ‘really’ meant. Don’t get me wrong, the conversation was fun. But then I happened to actually re-read the post and saw that all of my clarifications were already explicitly stated in the post. Did the gent actually read the post? My fear is that he had. This makes me wonder why I bother.


Study Christian Apologetics in France

Some who know me know that I spent four weeks out of this last summer out of the country.  I spent the bulk of of that time in Strasbourg at the event listed below.  As I understand it, there are still openings available.  I recommend it for those seeking to expand their base of knowledge.  …

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