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Transforming the Culture by Transforming People: Apologetics

There is again a clear correlation between beliefs and the one receiving the vote. I don’t perceive this as particularly insightful: it isn’t brain surgery to deduce that one’s beliefs impact where one puts their vote. However, my proposed solution doesn’t seem as obvious to the Christian church as it does to me: if you want to transform the culture, raise up more educated, informed, passionate Christians.


The Abortion Issue Now that Obama has Won

The Obama victory offers us a grand opportunity. Let’s face it, Obama can make the matter only slightly worse, at least in the near term. We are all already acclimated to a world in which a million unborn children die each year in America alone. For so long we pursued legislative means to change this and as legitimate and as important as these efforts were, and are, legislative efforts are successful by persuading more individuals to support your views then there are against them. This individual persuasion is the area where the ultimate solution lies and the area that has chiefly been lacking.


Proof that Obama was/is a Socialist: Other Socialists Said So In Writing

It can be argued that the United States is already well along the Socialist path. It seems to me that this would be a good time for the question to be put front and center in uncertain terms: Are you so comfortable with socialistic policies that you will put a socialist into presidential office, knowing he is a socialist? This election is a good time to ask and answer that question.


Abortion and the Pro-Life Movement if Obama Wins

The dreadful reality is that we are always only a moment away from the collapse of civilization. We act as though we have a right to peace and security, prosperity and plenty. We do not. It is true that we had peace and prosperity in large part because of our Christian heritage. This is a blessing, not a right. It was a gift, not an inevitability. And it never was the case that it could substitute the church acting out in a Love so fierce and noble that none could mistake it for something other than supernatural.


Democrats Deprived of Historical Moment, McCain Wins Christian Conservatives, McCain wins ME

I think credit has to be given to McCain for being willing to suck it up and listen to his base. McCain’s annoyance with the so-called ‘Christian Right’ is well known and the annoyance has been reciprocated, illustrated for example by James Dobson saying he would not vote for McCain. I believe the tide changed in McCain’s mind after he realized that it might be possible to win the Christian and conservative vote after all, and this happened after the Rick Warren interview.


John McCain Wins South Carolina, Lays Groundwork for Run As an Independent

With John McCain taking South Carolina I think the Presidential campaign is finally going to get interesting.    Most conservative minded people I know and talk to are not really happy with any of the choices being offered on the GOP side.    This includes a general dissatisfaction with John McCain as well.   In fact, most of …

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