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Richard Dawkins: Give me the Child and I’ll Give you the Man

Posted to The Religious leaders are well aware of the vulnerability of the child brain, and the importance of getting the indoctrination in early.  The Jesuit boast, ‘Give me the child for his first seven years, and I’ll give you the man,’ is no less accurate (or sinister) for being hackneyed. The above quote […]


The Golden Compass and Genesis 3

This is probably my last post on the “His Dark Materials” series and to tell you the truth I’m about ready to be done.  There are innumerable issues raised by the HDM series and quite a bit that I wanted to respond to.  This blog contains many of those responses and there probably could be […]


Pullman’s God is not the Christian God but that is no Consolation because he Doesn’t Know That

In my 15 page response to the Pullman series I indicated that his notion of God is a strawman notion. The problem is that he doesn’t know that, most atheists don’t know that, and even many Christian theists don’t know that. In the Pullman series, ‘God’ is a very old ‘angel’ who was merely the […]


Philip Pullman and His Dark Materials Round Up

Here are a collection of posts that pertain to Pullman that exist on this blog. Detailed, 15 page analysis of the Pullman Series. Some Interviews of Philip Pullman Christian Reactions around the Net Parent’s Guide/Church Bulletin Insert All of my entries on the Pullman series. If you have been helped by any of this material, […]


Church Bulletin Insert: What Christian Parents Should Know about The Golden Compass and What they Should Do About it

This Project was Featured on the! [opens in new window] “The Christian religion is a very powerful and convincing mistake, that’s all.” (The Amber Spyglass by Philip Pullman) CLICK TO DOWNLOAD THE PARENT GUIDE/BULLETIN INSERT Would you like to Discuss This Material? My discussion forum is the place. Description: This is a companion to […]


An Atheist Reacts to my His Dark Materials Analysis

I stopped talking to this fellah for reasons he’d find less than flattering and his latest post is no exception. You can read my initial reaction here, and here is his response. My more definitive treatment of HDM, however, is here. We can sum it up well enough. I argued that the working principles underneath […]


Christian Response and Reaction to Pullman and His Dark Materials: the Golden Compass, the Subtle Knife, The Amber Spyglass

The full response is pasted below, but you may want to download and print it off, or attach it in an email. If so, here it is for download: If you would like to discuss this issue, please use my discussion forum, where this thread has been set up for that purpose. Since this has […]


The “His Dark Materials” Series is Pullman’s direct answer to CS Lewis’s “Chronicles of Narnia.” Lewis intended to inoculate a Christian worldview using his series and it is clear that Pullman had the same idea in mind. Except in case you didn’t know, Pullman is a hardcore atheist.

Many Christians will focus on the apparent paganism, the hostility to Christianity and more precisely the Church, and some of the less than subtle sexual allusions. These would be the wrong place to put our emphasis. What Pullman aims to do is to offer a naturalistic explanation for anything and everything, including that which might be true in Christianity or in paganism.

He uses a mainstream interpretation within quantum science that posits that there are an unlimited amount of universes that exist and evolution working out in unlimited ways in each of them, so that one could allow yourself to consider almost anything as possible- without ever invoking a God.

It is this that makes Pullman’s series the threat that it is. Young people all over the place are going to school and university and are actually being taught in dogmatic terms that evolution is the real explanation for how we got here and it is only a matter of time before these students learn about the ‘multiverse’ as well as comprehend that scientists really take it seriously.

Thus, young people are primed to receive the atheistic worldview… they read it in high school as fiction only to have the main premises of the series shoved at them as straight science in college. Though the overt hostility to the Church, the pagan elements, and the sexuality are enough to make many a Christian’s blood boil, these are just symptoms, and we Christians should remember that.

For the full examination click the ‘read the rest of the entry’ link below. Or, to Print it off, download it in PDF here: ChristianResponsetoPullmansGoldenCompass (140.0 KiB, 2,331 hits)