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Voyage of the Dawn Treader is Back On

Apparently, Disney is set to film Voyage of the Dawn Treader after having previously indicated the movie was off. In a previous post, I discussed my feelings about this. Essentially, I was unhappy with the embellishments in the movie and believe that the drop in revenue was associated with Lewis fans showing their displeasure. I reviewed Prince Caspian. The title was: A Review of Prince Caspian- One Disappointed Christian.

From my readings in the blogosphere, it looks like we may be in for more with the Voyage of the Dawn Treader. This is unfortunate, as this is one of my favorite of all of them.


Disney Drops Narnia Movie, Dawn Treader Voyage Cancelled

I have always thought that it would be difficult to make a full length movie out of all seven books in the Narnia series. I was concerned that if the books were forced to fit into the ‘full length movie’ paradigm that ‘enhancements’ and ’embellishments’ would necessarily have to follow. I find that many Christians much preferred something true to the text. A cinematic version of the movies still would be nice, and I personally wouldn’t mind if they maxed out at 40 minutes. That is better than ‘filler’ stuff that is questionable as to whether or not it aligns with what Lewis would have wanted.


A Review of Prince Caspian: One Christian Disappointed

I’ve heard a handful of rave reviews for Prince Caspian the movie but can’t say that I can join them in their enthusiasm.  I feel even like I ought to title this review something like “A review of that movie which is titled after Prince Caspian and has characters similarly named and slight plot resemblances.”  […]


Prince Caspian and Open Theism

Some friends took issue with a statement by Aslan to the effect:  “We can never know what would have happened.” Aslan of course is a type of Christ.  And Christ is God.  The idea that God could not know what would have happened smacks a great deal of some modern trend in theology called ‘open […]


the ChristianPost runs my column in defense of CS Lewis against the charge of Paganism

I was delighted to learn today that the ran a column I wrote defending CS Lewis against the charge of Paganism. I mentioned this column a week or so ago, as my friends at also ran it. You may not know that Lewis has been charged with such things, but even a half […]


Article on Lewis and Paganism Published

My friend Don Hank at Laigles Forum has published my article defending Lewis from the charge of paganism.  Some of you might not even know the charge has been levied.  Honestly, I don’t want to link to them, so you’ll have to Goodsearch your way to them. Below I have the first couple paragraphs and […]


Church Bulletin Insert for CS Lewis Prince Caspian

Prince Caspian is due out in mid-May, 2008. Here is one of my posts on the Christian themes in Prince Caspian. Click Here for my review of the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe movie. Would your church be interested in having a presentation on the Chronicles of Narnia? Anthony is available. The bulletin information […]

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