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Randall Terry is Wrong, Choose Life is Not Pro Choice

Randall Terry, a prominent pro-life activist released a press release a few minutes ago that says among other things,

“‘Choose life’ is a ‘pro-choice’ message; it presumes it is ethically and legally legitimate to choose murder.

This is nonsense.

I do agree with him that we have as an ultimate goal the end of legal abortion and also that the Tim Tebow ad will probably be fairly ‘warm and fuzzy’ but it doesn’t follow in the slightest that it is implicitly a pro-choice assumption.

My wife and I have a story very similar to the one that Terry is denouncing.  … continue reading...

Planned Parenthood’s Superbowl Battle

There is just something about this Tebow Superbowl ad that seems to have really gotten under the skins of the pro-abortionist groups like Planned Parenthood and others.  I think its because they perceive that their whole agenda has been called out and they were left rocking backwards on their heels.  A lot of the pro-choice groups are crying foul that we have to be ‘exposed’ to something as damnable as a story about a mother who was advised to have an abortion… but chose not to… in “contravention doctors’ orders” (ala  Rachel Maddow).

Apparently, such divisive matters should not … continue reading...